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Dasty Super Degreaser Dishes
750 ml
About the product
Dasty Super Degreaser Dishes is a powerful detergent for dishes, kitchenware and any other dirty object, degreases thoroughly, even in cold water.
Removes burned dirt and deposits releasing a pleasant fragrance into the air.
Dasty Super Degreaser Dishes allows the separation and solubilization of greasy dirt then easy to rinse, with a neutral pH it is gentle on the skin.
The surfactants used allow the formation of a compact and persistent foam, even at high dilutions.

Powerful degreasing action
Highly perfumed
Neutral pH
Gentle on the skin

Where and how to use
Dasty Super Degreaser Dishes is an ideal product for the washing of the dishes, kitchenware, toys etc.
Moreover, thanks to the very delicate formulation it can also be used for the washing of hands with very persistent dirt on them.
Pour the dose recommended for the hand washing of dishes, kitchenware, pots or other objects.

N.B. In case of stubborn or encrusted grease on dishes or pans, use Dasty Degreaser Classic; spray the product onto the surface and allow it to act for at least 5/10 min
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