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Dasty Super Antikalk
750 ml
About the product
Dasty Super Antikalk is an acid cleaner specifically for removing limescale, rust, soap scum.
Dasty Super Antikalk isn't a degreaser but an effective anti-limescale product with the advantage of the spray which allows a practical and quick use on all the walls, in particular those vertical.

Effective on limescale, rust, soap scum.
Practical thanks to the trigger.

Where and how to use
Dasty Super Antikalk is ideal for:
toilets – bath – shower – ceramics – taps – chromed surfaces - tile joints with lime deposits.
Spray directly onto the surface, let it work for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water by using a sponge.

Use Dasty Bathroom Cleaner Professional for the daily cleaning, for the specific cleaning of the shower cabin Dasty Inox Professional can be used. This product is in fact capable of removing the small scale residues that the water leaves behind without causing halos and without that a final rinse is necessary.
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