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Dasty Inox Professional
750 ml
About the product
Dasty Inox Professional, created for professional use, is a revolutionairy an innovative product developed to reduce the cleaning time and obtain the best result on large stainless steel surfaces.
Dasty Inox Professional has a particular formulation that contains a special mixture of raw materials that allow as well as the degreasing of the surface also the elimination of the characteristic oxide that makes the steel dark and opaque
Furthermore, the elimination of the rinsing and drying of the treated surface makes cleaning much faster reducing labor and time.

Avoids the rinsing and drying of the treated surface reducing the cleaning time.
Special formulation for high-power degreasing.
does not leave halos or streaks.
Long lasting fragrance.

Where and how to use
Dasty Inox Professional Ideal for big surfaces such as: hoods, refrigerators, sinks, worktops, taps, kitchen counters, elevators and all stainless steel coatings.
In case of regular cleaning, spray directly and evenly onto the surface, wipe with a paper towel or dry cloth (microfiber is excellent, do not rinse with water or wipe with humid cloth) until completely dry. In the presence of grease or tough dirt or halos (halos are an indication of the presence of dirt) spray the product again and wipe with a paper towel or a dry cloth until completely dry.
It is recommended not to spray the entire surface with the product but to work by small areas because, if allowed to dry without rubbing, it may develop streaks.

N.B. Due to its specific formula, the product Dasty Inox Professional can be used on shower cabins. This product is in fact capable of removing the small scale residues that the water leaves behind without causing halos and without that a final rinse is necessary.
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