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Dasty Bathroom Cleaner Professional
750 ml
About the product
Dasty Bathroom Cleaner Professional is a new detergent with a high-power fragrance. The special formulation ensures cleaning and luster of the surfaces and is also suitable for use on marble.
Dasty Bathroom Cleaner Professional is not a descaler but a cleaner, the formulation has been developed with an alkaline and non-acidic pH unlike most of the bathroom cleaners. It is therefore less effective on limescale (for removing this more specific products are available like for example Dasty Antikalk) but has the advantage that it can also be used on delicate marble surfaces, often found in bathrooms which makes it a unique product.

Specially formulated with an alkaline pH to be used also on marble.
Does not streak.
Long lasting fragrance.
Sanitizing power.
The use in public places gives visitors the idea of a clean and pleasant smelling room.

Where and how to use
Dasty Bathroom Cleaner Professional is ideal on all surfaces of the bathroom and sanitary. Spray directly onto the surface and wipe with a damp cloth or sponge, then rinse.


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