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Dasty Spotremover
750 ml
About the product
Dasty Spotremover is a specific product for the treatment of tough stains.

Dasty Spotremover is a product based on surfactants and enzymes for the treatment of stains on fabrics prior to washing in the washing machine. It is particularly effective on grease stains and stains resulting from protein dirt, while for the oxidizable stains (tea, grass, red wine, coffee) products of different types (oxygen-based) are preferable.

Effective on protein stains (blood - gravy - butter - oil - chocolate - lipstick etc.)
Use before the normal washing in the washing machine or by hand.

Where and how to use
Before washing spray the product directly onto the stains. Let it penetrate for a minute, rub gently, then wash with your usual detergent in the washing machine or by hand.

N.B. In case of dirt from mineral grease (oil or grease from engines, etc.) we recommend the use of our Dasty Degreaser Classic or the even more powerful Dasty Degreaser Professional. Spray directly on the stain and let it work for at least 3/5 minutes before putting it into the washing machine. We advise you to check the color fastness on a hidden spot of the garment to be treated
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