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Dasty Gel All Purpose Cleaner
ml 750
About the product
Dasty Gel All Purpose Cleaner is a highly concentrated product developed for professional use, suitable for cleaning all washable surfaces, for a regular, safe and quick cleaning of all types of floors.

It is a concentrated detergent, with a fresh and pleasant smell in the variants Lavender, which restores the original sheen of the floor. Specially developed for regular cleaning. The use in public places gives visitors the idea of a clean and pleasant smelling room.

Where and how to use
Dasty Gel All Purpose Cleaner can be used on all types of flooring: tiles, linoleum, synthetic flooring (except wood and porous floors).
To use purely for stubborn dirt by pouring the product directly onto the surface to be treated, to use diluted for daily maintenance. When used diluted rinsing is not necessary.
For the cleaning of very dirty floors such as terraces or those of sheds, cellars etc. use Dasty Degreaser Classic in refill format, diluted or pure for very stubborn dirt.
For floors of garages and workshops with oil stains use Dasty Degreaser Professional.
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