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Dasty Colorblock
24 sheets
About the product
Dasty Colorblock 24 sheets is a product for the colored laundry that allows the washing of mixed colors together saving time, enery and effort. Prevents dye transfer from one garment into the fabric of another during washing.

The exclusive fiber of the Dasty Colorblock 24 sheets sheet allows to absorb the colors released by garments during the wash cycle, before they bleed into the fabric of other garments. (watch the video)

Where and how to use
Place one Dasty Colorblock 24 sheets sheet at the bottom of the washing machine for a half load, 2 sheets for a full load, then add the laundry and the laundry detergent and continue with the washing. At the end of the wash cycle you can dispose of the sheet between your waste paper because the product is biodegradable. For laundry with a large surface, red or dark colored, it's necessary to use a larger number of sheets. An ideal combination is to use the sheet during the washing together with Dasty Color.
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