Who We Are
DASTY Italy is a family company founded by the brothers Arizzi in 1990 and specialized in the production of detergents for the cleaning of the house with trademark.

Innovation, technology, specialization and organization are at the basis of the rapid development and success of the company.
For more than 15 years DASTY Italia has researched, designed and developed cleaning products for both national and international trademarks, focusing its attention on developing formulas and innovative packaging. The organizational spirit, the flexibility and the support of the internally conducted research have allowed DASTY to optimize costs and the various stages of the production flow, in order to meet the rigorous standards required or imposed by the market in both qualitative and economic terms.

Technology and organization are translated into a production process (that goes from the production of the bottles to the blending and the packaging of the finished products) that is highly efficient, thanks to the high degree of automation and the sophisticated system of control and supervision which ensures the correctness of all operations.

DASTY Italy indeed benefits from a highly modern production site of 23,000 m2, which exemplifies the optimization of all stages of the production process.